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  • “Basmati” means
    “The Queen of Fragrance”
    BRM brings you Basmati Rice from the lush green and water filled fields of Hadoti(East Rajasthan) best suited to grow pure and genuine Basmati...
  • Hadoti Produces two Verities of Basmati Kasturi Basmati
    Pussa Basmati
    Both varieties are pure 100% Basmati Rice...
  • Baran's Basmati
    Savour of Traditionaly Taste...
    Baran(Heart of Hadoti) is an ideal land for rice-growing. Fertile soil, suitable climate, naturally mineral enriched water, all these combine and the outcome is unrivaled unique Basmati Rice...
  • Baran's Basmati Baran's Basmati is famous around the world for its pleasant delicate taste, matchless aroma & longest grain with a smooth texture and, because of these special features,Baran's Basmati has won the hearts of the people worldwide.
  • Shubham Basmati Rice Adding taste to your life through an authentic & healthy range of Basmati Rice... Suprior Quality...
    Reasonable Rate...
  • Shubham Basmati Rice Processed in extra hygienic conditions. Supported by most modern technologies And cared by a motherly touch
    100% pure and nutricious...
    Har Parivar Ki Pasand...

Products Range

Product Percentage Broken Packing

Shubham Basmati Premium(Raw Rice)
Full Rice(100%)
20Kg,10Kg and 5Kg
Pona Rice(75%)
Mun Rice(50%)

Shubham Basmati Gold(Raw Rice)
Full Rice(100%)
20Kg,10Kg and 5Kg
Pona Rice(75%)
Mun Rice(50%)
Hari Om Desi(Raw Rice) Full Rice(100%) 20Kg,10Kg and 5Kg

Shubham Basmati Premium Quality Rice is grown in the plains of Hadoti, represents heritage, trust and overwhelmingly quality. India's most sought-after aromatic rice of extraordinary quality, most balanced, incredibility satisfying the diners, with its sweet smelling fragrance, have exotic flavor.
We have wide range of varieties of basmati Rice to suit the needs of our valuable clients all over in India.

Gold Basmati Rice an "aromatic" long grain white rice with a nutty aroma and flavor. Cooks up nicely, puffing up length-wise, becomes very fluffy. Easy to digest and children tend to enjoy its taste.

***Rice packed in different kinds of packing & in sizes, like cotton bags Jute bags and in Plastic bags.